your body's not broken

but something is definitely frustrating you

maybe it's even down right annoying

let us help find the CAUSE

Preconception. (aka general health)

  • Health first. 

    Just getting pregnant is not our goal. We want to create better humans. We achieve this by working in a special area called epigenetics. Let's focus on your health so that you create a healthier you - and by proxy a healthier baby. 

  • Can be co-managed.

    Already pursuing fertility treatment? The Schaefer Protocol fits right in to your current treatment. 

  • Schaefer protocol.

    Our 8 pillar protocol that really gets to the root cause of dysfunction. Dr. Rai was one of the first 20 doctors in the world certified in this protocol which has led to hundreds of babies born to families with an abundance of fertility challenges. 

  • No matter your gender.

    We all know it "takes two to tango", yet our society is laser focused on the health of the person carrying the baby. We take a different approach to care, looking at the full health panel for any parent involved in the conception, birth, or even upbringing of the potential child. 


  • Webster certified.

  • We just found out.

  • Mom isn't miserable.

  • Is it too late?


  • So much training.

  • Sometimes they are struggling.

  • Always having a blast.

  • Very gentle.

  • Soemtimes they're well.

  • Good place to find a tribe.

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